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WYOG – Mixed Doubles Day 3 Medal Games

Posted on Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 4:30pm

Nicole Muskatewitz from Germany and Michael Brunner from Switzerland made curling history this evening by becoming the first mixed nation mixed double team to win an Olympic Gold medal at the first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games.

In just six ends, the German-Swiss pair overwhelmed their opponents, Korea’s Eunbi Kim and Norway’s Martin Sesaker, to win the final 13-2. The Korean/Norwegian duo take Olympic Silver.

The Bronze medal was won by Marina Verenich from Russia and her American teammate Korey Dropkin. They beat Japan’s Mako Tamakuma and Korea’s Minhyeon Yoo 6-5 in a very tight game that went to an extra end.

It was the second gold medal for Switzerland’s Michael Brunner at the curling event at these Youth Olympic Games. Brunner skipped his Swiss team to victory in the mixed team curling competition earlier in the week. For his teammate, Nicole Muskatewitz, it was the first Olympic medal to be won by a German since curling became part of the Olympic programme again in 1998.


WYOG – Mixed Doubles Day 3 – Quarter Finals
Posted on 22 January 2011

In the quarter finals Duncan and Taylor were beaten 7-4 by Mako Tamakuma (JPN) and Minhyeon Yoo (KOR) to end Britian’s interest in the curling competition.

Well done to Duncan, Angharad, Thomas and Rachel on being great ambassordors for Team GB.


WYOG – Mixed Doubles Day 2
Posted on 21 january 2012

In the morning session Rachel and Marek lost to Anastasia Moskaleva (RUS) and Sukasa Horigomet (JPN) 7-1.

Meanwhile earlier this afternoon Duncan and Taylor beat Kerli Zirk (EST) and Rasmus Wrana (SWE) 6-4 to book their place in the Quarter Finals.  They now face Mako Tamakuma (JPN) and Minhyeon Yoo (KOR) at 17:00 for a place in the Semi-Finals.


WYOG – Mixed Doubles Day 1
Posted on 20 January 2011

In the opening session of the Mixed Doubles competition Thomas Muirhead and Mizuki Kitaguchi (JPN) faced Canada’s Thomas Scoffin and New Zealand’s Kelsi Heath. They battled hard but were beaten 9-5.

In the second session Angharad Ward and Markus Skogvold (NOR) took on Johanna Heldin from Sweden and Luke Steele from New Zealand. Angharad and Markus led for most of the game but their opponents scored four in the 7th to tie the game at 8-8.  The last end was crucial and unfortunately the opposition managed to steal one to win 9-8.

In the third session Rachel Hannen and Marek Cernovsky (CZE) took on Denise Pimpini (ITA) and David Weyer (NZL) who they beat 8-5.

In the last session of the day, Duncan Menzies and Taylor Anderson (USA) faced Eleanor Adviento (NZL) and Romano Meier (SWI). It was a very tight game, full of suspense with some excellent shot making from both sides. The game went to an extra end, with the Duncan and Taylor stealing an 8-7 win when Adviento’s last draw was short.

This now means that Rachel & Marek, and Duncan and Taylor progress to the next round.

Tomorrow Rachel and Marek take on Anastasia Moskaleva (RUS) and Sukasa Horigomet (JPN) at 09:00, while Duncan and Taylor face Kerli Zirk (EST) and Rasmus Wrana (SWE) at 13:00.


WYOG – Mixed Doubles Team Pairings
Posted on 19 January 2011

The teams for the Mixed Doubles Curling Competition at the Youth Olympic Games have been determined by the final standings of the Mixed Team curling competition.

Teams consist of one male and one female curler, from different nations competing in the curling event at the games.

All the athletes competing in the event will be paired in a Mixed Doubles team – making a total of 32 teams.

Duncan Menzies has been paired with Taylor Anderson of the USA.  Angharad Ward has been paired with Norway’s Markus Skogvold.  Thomas Muirhead has been paired with Mizuki Kitaguchi of Japan, while Rachel Hannen has been paired with Marek Cernovsky of the Czech Republic.

What is Mixed Doubles Curling?
Instead of playing in teams of four, mixed doubles curling is for teams of two players – one male and one female (no alternate is allowed).

  • The game is played on the same sheets of ice as ‘traditional’ curling.
  • Teams have only six stones each (instead of eight) – and one of those stones, from each team, is prepositioned on the centreline before each end of play starts.
  • Order of play: – Player one – delivers the 1st and last stones and player two plays the 2nd 3rd and 4th stones. NB: the two players can swap positions from one end to the next if they choose.
  • The sweeping can be done by both team members.
  • Each team receives 46 minutes of playing time and games are fixed at 8 ends – compared to 73 minutes and 10 ends for ‘traditional’ curling.

The competition starts on Friday, 20 January at 09:00 with Thomas and Mizuki taking on Kelsi Heath (NZL) and Thomas Scoffin (CAN), and Angharad and Markus taking on Johanna Heldin (SWE) and Luke Steele (NZL) at 12.30.

At 16:00 Rachel and Marek take on Denise Pimpini (ITA) and David Weyer (NZL), while Duncan and Taylor take on Eleanor Adviento (ITA) and Romano Meier (NZL) at 19.30.

Click for competition draw and results.

Photo by Brad Askew