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RCCC Coach Education Structure

Level 1 Coach – UKCC level 1 Qualification

Course cost; £30 for RCCC members*

*Please note a 40% subsidy has already been provided for UKCC (facilitated through sportscotland) to reduce the cost for all Scottish based coaches.

This is broken down as follows: £30 from candidate, £9 from RCCC, £26 from sportscotland (UKCC)

Evidence of membership number will be required upon booking.

Course cost; £65 for non RCCC members.


The Level 1 Coaching course is the first stage of the RCCC coaching qualification pathway. The course provides each candidate with the basic knowledge of curling and coaching skills to introduce new participants to the sport and improve their basic playing skills. It is also an opportunity for existing coaches who wish to learn about new coaching methods and up to date techniques.


Consisting of a half day (5 hours) of off-ice theory, workshop and active discussion  the level 1 course provides the essential information required to deliver fun, safe and enjoyable beginner coaching sessions.  Following the course, a further ten hours ice time, shadowing a qualified coach will be required evidenced by session plan submissions.

In order to fully accredit, completion of a PVG membership form must be submitted; failure to do so will result in the coach being unable to deliver sessions within the RCCC.

Level 1 course participants will be given the information and tools to enable them to:-

  • Safely organise and supervise curling sessions.
  • Contribute to the planning of the session.
  • Promote high standards of behaviour with players, other coaches, parents and volunteers within the curling environment.
  • Deliver and instruct several technical elements of curling including; NBS delivery, sweeping, tactics, communication and basic game play.
  • Discuss and agree the session plan and their role in the delivery of it.
  • Identify and adapt sessions for a variety of different age groups and level of competence.
  • Discuss the session and evaluate with the lead coach and provide constructive feedback to participants.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of further development opportunities in Curling for participants.

Requirements/ pre-requisites

  • Be at least 15 years of age on the day of the course.
  • Have an active interest in Curling.
  • Registration on the Safeguarding & Protecting Children course.

Level 2 Coach – UKCC level 2 Qualification

Course cost; £65 for members*

*Please note a 70% subsidy has already been provided for UKCC (facilitated through sportscotland) to reduce the cost for all Scottish based coaches.

This is broken down as follows: £65 from candidate, £50 from RCCC, £270 from sportscotland (UKCC)

Evidence of membership number will be required upon booking.

Course cost; £385 for non-members.

This course acts as a progression for experienced adult and youth coaches who have accredited through The Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC) Level 1 coaching qualification. Through your work, you will be better able to develop core technical and tactical skills and core values in your players in an active, purposeful, enjoyable and safe environment.

The course has been developed and endorsed by the national governing body RCCC. Successful candidates will receive a certificate of qualification, identification card, and registration with the RCCC and will be part of a team of coaches.


On completion coaches will be able to:-

  • Deliver curling coaching sessions and provide direction to other coaches.
  • Understand the principles of coaching.
  • Know how to plan, establish and maintain a safe coaching environment.
  • Understand how to plan and support the delivery of activities that are age and stage appropriate for players.
  • Understand how to evaluate coaching activities and understand how to evaluate own coaching practice.
  • Deliver a coaching programme using a range of coaching styles and interventions to meet participants’ needs


This course is organised by approved coaching centres and delivered by The Royal Caledonian Curling Club accredited coach tutors. It will last approximately 43 hours, made up of the following:

  • A period of self-directed study both pre course and after the workshop programme. (3 hours).
  • An on course learning programme with direct tutor contact time (18 hours, Day 1&2).
  • The second phase involves a period of applied coaching during which the coach will have the opportunity to apply their learning and practise their coaching. This will be evidenced in the coaching logbook as a minimum of 10 sessions with 4 of the plans linked to show progression and planning (20 hours).
  • An observed practical coaching assessment and reflective discussion with an accredited assessor (2 hours, Day 3).
  • Coaches must attend all three days to receive the final qualification.

Each coach will have the full support of the coach tutors, assessors and 1:1 support from the Coaching & Workforce Development Manager.


This course is competency based and involves on-course appraisal. It involves both classroom and on-ice practical activities where coaches will be expected to participate fully in all sessions. A coaching session will be assessed on day two with a final 2 hour on ice assessment arranged with the coach and an independent assessor on day 3.

Requirements/ pre-requisites

  • Be at least 17 years of age on the first day of the course.
  • Be a qualified, active Level 1 coach for a minimum of one year.
  • Hold a PVG membership certificate with the RCCC.
  • Participants must also complete a sportscoach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop*. This can be either through the Local Authority or RCCC specific course. *Candidates are asked to register for a course prior to booking on to the Level 2. Please note that coaches who already have an existing certificate must provided  this before the qualification is awarded.

Benefits of the United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) format for Coaches

  • A Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) endorsed qualification on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).
  • Enhanced coaching or teaching skills.
  • A professionalised role for sports coaching in the United Kingdom.
  • More flexible coach-centered training programmes.
  • Sport-wide recognised seal of quality qualification.
  • Provides a benchmark for employers and clubs.
  • Qualifications underpinned by National Occupational Standards (NOS).


Introduction to Coaching Wheelchair Curling

Course cost; £20 members or £25 for non-members 

The workshop has been created in partnership with British Curling to focus on developing core technical skills, up skilling on new coaching methods and providing tactical techniques to deliver Wheelchair Curling.

The session will focus on 5 key themes:

  • Knowledge of Wheelchair Curling
  • Safety
  • Delivery Options
  • Delivery Breakdown
  • Specific Warm up & Cool down for Wheelchair users

Delivered by Sheila Swan, Wheelchair Head Coach for the Scottish and British Wheelchair Curling programme.


Safeguarding & Protecting Children (SGPC) Course

Safeguarding & Protecting Children (SGPC) course

Course cost; £20 members or £25 for non-members 

The Safeguarding & Protecting Children course is part of the official CPD menu of courses offered by sportscotland to coaches and sports volunteers. It is the recognised course for Safeguarding and child protection training in sport, it has been developed and certificated by Sports Coach UK; it is a short 3 hour course and covers the following areas:

You will be able to:

  • Identify and recognise good coaching practice and the implications for your coaching
  • Explore your values and feelings in relation to child abuse, and recognise their potential impact on your response
  • Recognise and respond to possible signs of child abuse
  • Take appropriate action if concerns about a child arise.

Positive feedback on the course:

‘The “Safeguarding and Protecting Children” workshops and resource meet the key safeguarding learning needs of coaches and other sports staff and volunteers. The NSPCC and its Child Protection in Sport Unit fully support the new workshop and resources to help organisations and individuals to act to make sport the best it can be for current and future generations.’

Anne Tiivas, Director of the Child Protection in Sport Unit











If unable to book on the RCCC course please see the link for other courses facilitated by sport councils and local authorities across Scotland.

Updating Qualifications

Both level 1 and level 2 coaches are advised to complete CPD courses/workshops every 3 years. This can be in the form of workshops, seminars or generic courses outside of Curling. For further information go to the Sports Coach UK Workshop Finder 


The RCCC insures all current qualified coaches who are members of The Royal Caledonian Curling Club while coaching within their qualification with Professional Indemnity Insurance. For more information on insurance provided by RCCC, a copy of the policy and an accompanying factsheet to download.