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RCCC Coach Education Structure

The diagram below depicts the coaching pathway and levels of qualification for coaching Curling. In addition, we have various specialised modules . All courses are standardised throughout the country.


Level 1, Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach , is the first level coaching qualification. An introduction to coaching an Assistant Coach working with individuals, will assist appropriately qualified coaches to introduce and improve basic playing skills.

A half day theory course provides the information required and concludes with a written assessment. A further ten hours ice time, shadowing a qualified and being supervised by a technical coach, and completion of an enhanced disclosure check is required for accreditation.

On successful completion of the coach should be able to:

  • Contribute to the planning of the session.
  • Discuss and agree the session plan and their role in the delivery of it.
  • Check facilities and equipment for safety.
  • Assist in organising facilities and equipment for the coaching activity.
  • Contribute to the running of a session maintaining safety, interest, control and discipline.
  • Discuss the session evaluation with the lead coach.

For further information and how to apply, please click to download the following resource: RCCC Assistant Coach Course Information (pdf 689kb)

Technical Coach

The Technical Coach Course, is the second level for coaches who wish to progress their qualification from an Assistant Coach and who have completed a minimum of one year’s coaching experience.
A Technical Coach working with individuals will introduce basics of the game in a safe and enjoyable manner, improve basic playing skills and improve basic principles of play.

The Curling Level 2 Technical Coach Coaching Qualification is made up of a number of elements:

  1. A two day course learning programme made up of 18 hours contact time.
  2. A period of self directed study both pre-course (3 hours) and post course.
  3. A period of applied practice during which the coach will have the opportunity to apply their learning and practise their coaching in their own coaching environment (20 hours). Evidence of this learning will be housed within their coaching logbook.
  4. An observed practical coaching assessment and professional discussion with an accredited assessor (4 hours).

On successful completion of the coach should be able to:

  • Use collated information to plan a coaching session to meet groups requirements.
  • Organise sessions maintaining safety, interest control and discipline.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of emergency procedures of the facility.
  • Organise facilities and equipment for the coaching activity.
  • Good knowledge of technical aspect for this stage.
  • Deliver their sessions modelling good practice.
  • Lead the session evaluation with other coaches.

For further information and how to apply, please click to download the following resource: RCCC Technical Coach Course Information (pdf 831kb)

CPD Opportunity

Further specialised Curling certificated modules are available to all coaches. Information and updates will be available lower on this page.

Generic courses available through Local Authorities and different organisation i.e. Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Disability awareness, Positive coaching, Coaching matters etc. will be recognised and recorded as CPD for registered coaches.

For further information on coaching curling, please call RCCC Head Office on 0131 333 3003 or click to email.

Updating Qualifications

All Technical Coaches are required to re license every three years. Assistant Coaches are not required to attend refresher courses, since they work with the support of the Technical coaches, and their learning should be ongoing.


The RCCC insures all current qualified coaches who are members of The Royal Caledonian Curling Club while coaching within their qualification with Professional Indemnity Insurance. For more information on insurance provided by RCCC, a copy of the policy and an accompanying factsheet – please click on this link to download.