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The Royal Caledonian Curling Club

National Governing Body for Curling in Scotland

Henderson Bishop Trophy

The Henderson Bishop Trophy winners 2014

Henderson Bishop Trophy winners 2014 (B McM) - web







The Henderson Bishop winners pictured with Fiona Hardie (RCCC Ladies’ Branch President) from left to right: Naomi Whyte (Dumfries), Fiona Telfer, Caroline Donaldson and Sophie Jackson.

The Cherrystone winners 2014

Cherrystone finalists 2014 (B McM) - web







The Cherrystone winners and runners-up pictured from left to right: Elaine Turnbull, Carole Marsh, Jane McLaren and Isobel Waddell (Lanarkshire) (winners), and Gail Munro (Stranraer), Maureen Parker, Beth Parker and Mary Anne McWilliam (runners-up)

The 2014 Henderson Bishop Trophy report.

Photos/Report: Mima Telfer.


The 2015 Finals will take place at Border Ice Rink, Kelso.

Outlined below are the qualifiers from the Henderson Bishop play-downs held across Scotland.  Please note that the teams representing each centre at the Finals may differ from the teams mentioned below.


Judith Carr (Skip), Sarah Glidden (3rd), Margaret Stewart (2nd) and Ann Marie Markle (Lead)


Margaret Agnew (Skip), Gail Thomson (3rd), Sheila Kennedy (2nd) and Lorna Munro (Lead)


1- Gwen Prentice (Skip), Rhona Fleming (3rd), Liz Martin (2nd) and Louise Seed (Lead)
2- Fiona Hodge (Skip), Helen Forbes (3rd), Anne McAulay (2nd) and Maggie Wright (Lead)


Lois Brown (Skip), Sandra Walker (3rd), Carol Anderson (2nd) and Sandie Byers (Lead)


Naomi Whyte (Skip), Fiona Telfer (3rd), Caroline Donaldson (2nd) and Sarah Wood (Lead)


Marnie Ewart (Skip), Barbara Sherriff (3rd), Catherine Smith (2nd) and Sandi Buchan (Lead)


Carolyn Hibberd (Skip), Rhona Robinson (3rd), Rosemary Griffiths (2nd) and Dorothy Gillespie (Lead)


Yvonne Birnie (Skip), Linda Hoskins (3rd), Anne MacCallum (2nd) and Phyllis Tulloch (Lead)


Valerie Inglis (Skip), Susan Scougal (3rd), Heather Gough (2nd) and Sue Cameron (Lead)


Irene Stevenson (Skip), Anne Maiden (3rd), Linda Terras (2nd) and Margaret O’Neill (Lead)


1- Marion MacDonald (Skip), Mhairi Baird (3rd), Jackie Craig (2nd) and Caroline Morrison (Lead)
2- Isobel Waddell (Skip), Jane McLaren (3rd), Dot Moran (2nd) and Elaine Turnbull (Lead)


Moira Hastings (Skip), Anne Smith (3rd), Fiona Robson (2nd) and Linda Smith (Lead)


1- Jenny Barr (Skip), Susan Kesley (3rd), Fran Stretton (2nd) and Morna Aitken (Lead)
2- Kerry Barr (Skip), Maggie Barry (3rd), Betty Gibb (2nd) and Margaret Nicol (Lead)


Kathy Cameron (Skip), Anne Sidey (3rd), Maureen Gordon (2nd) and Anna Martin (Lead)


Linsey Alison (Skip), Marjory McCulloch (3rd), Irene Hird (2nd), Lesley McConnell (Lead)


Beryl Niven (Skip), Gail Munro (3rd), Elaine McNeil (2nd) and Beth Aitken (Lead)


Jackie Orr (Skip), Val Marshall (3rd), Lesley Smith (2nd) and Rhona Cowie (Lead)